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Foam inserts

Available high density, medium or low density foam inserts. High density foam is used usually for seats and medium density foam for back cushions. Available: 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm. In contrast cheap patio cushions made from sponge or polyester fiber only  will flatten very quickly with the time. Foam inserts will last for many seasons. Foam inserts are made for indoor and outdoor use.


Fiberfill - Comforel

Special omega-shaped down-like fiber that provides luxurious softness and a comprehensive support for pillows and comforters. It is durable long-lasting and hypoallergenic comfort fiberfill. Machine washable and dryable. It is light and easy to re-fluff by giving it a gentle shake much alike down and feather cushions. Recomended for outdoor back cushions, scattered pillows and sleeping pillows. 



Foam chips

A loose foam filling for upholstery, cushions, pillows and soft toys. For softer filling can be combined with Comforel. 



Cushion filling - Polyester fiber

Layered poly fiber filling. This fiber is produced in different thickness and is stuffed in the cushion until the desire firmness is achieved. This type of cushion fillings are made for indoor and outdoor use.




Dacron wrapping

A polyester fiber layer (batting material) that covers foam insert. It is recommended for any cushions. It gives the cushions tight look (no sagging), it rounds out edges. Dacron wrap will not offer real support, it makes more aesthetic look. There is no need to decrease size of the foam to make allowance for the Dacron wrap as it gets easily squeezed between the cover and the foam.



Piping finish

This feature reinforces the cushion edges, it also has been said to add a nice finished look to the cushion. Available: double piping finish for foam cushions; single piping finish for scattered cushions.





Matching fabric ties can be inserted within the cushion's seams. Ties are often made on each corner of the cushion and at the hinged or fold of the cushion. With the fabric ties or Valcro ties, customers can easily secure their patio cushions to their outdoor furniture. 


Button tufted cushions

This look is achieved by inserting buttons into the cushion. Buttons are tightly held together with a piece of outdoor grade string in between. Cushion can be turned over for the same look on both sides. Inserted buttons will draw the fabric and cushion filling in for a tufted appearance. Besides creating a specific look to the cushion, this also assists with keeping the cushion filling in place. Cushions covers are not removable.